In October 2016, the United Nations held the Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III)to reinvigorate global commitment to sustainable urbanization, focusing on the definition and implementation of a transformative New Urban Agenda , effectively harnessing the role of urbanization as a driving force as well as a source of development with the power to change and improve lives of people.

This New Urban Agenda is a framework that lays how cities should be planned and managed to best promote sustainability while being a strong part of the Sustainable Development Goals which adopted in 2016.
It’s also ” a commitment for the development of common urbanizing world” which requires the involvement of all relevant actors.
The best channel to make a wider audience aware of the New Urban Agenda & the SDGs first, and then to expand athe level of the citizens’ conscientiousness on the issue, is the MEDIA and communication professionals. Their role is crucial and they have the opportunity to spread knowledge and share reflections of burning issues such as urban issues and sustainability. Journalists are already the ones who chronicle life in the city, who give voice to urban changes and describe the urban reality from different points of views.

UNIC Colombo, with the support of UN-Habitat Colombo, held a workshop on the 14 May 2017 to seek partnership with universities which cater to the needs of career enhancement of journalists and mold them to be responsible citizens through their undergraduate/postgraduate degree courses for Journalism/Mass communication & writership towards possible support for this worthy cause of promoting the New Urban Agenda in Sri Lanka. This workshop was attended by several stakeholders such as the Chairman, Urban Development Authority of Sri Lanka, Expertise from the University of Moratuwa and academia from the Universities of Colombo and Sri Jayewardenepura.

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