About UNIC Colombo – established in 1961

About us
We are established in 1961 in Sri Lanka and integrated with the United Nations Development Programme. Our work is designed and implemented on instructions from the UN Department of Public Information (DPI). Each year, we prepare a work plan giving priority to the particular requirements of the year. DPI endorsed work plan will be carried out throughout the year.

UNIC Director – Ms. Una McCauley
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Hiranthi Gunewardena
Knowledge Management Assistant – Kumari Wickramasinghe

What do we do?
• Disseminates information relating to UN activities, both global and local in all areas of its mandate, using appropriate channels of communication.

• Ensures adequate media coverage for statements, speeches, messages, op-ed articles, visits and initiatives by the Secretary-General.

• Carries out promotional activities on important anniversaries, UN declared days and years, observances and UN conferences.

• Promotes UN objectives and ideals and educates students, teachers, NGO activists and the general public through speeches, seminars etc.

• Propagates UN vision in areas such as conflict resolution, human rights, good governance, globalization and sustainable development.

• Translates and publishes DPI publications – eg: Basic Facts about the UN, Image and Reality, UN in Brief, Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, Bill of Human Rights, UN Charter, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the UN, UN Charter.

• Compiles and publishes books to suit local needs – eg: self-learning activity book on the UN for secondary level students.

• Arranges telecast/broadcast of UN video footages including Secretary-General’s messages.

• Organizes press conferences to launch UN publications – HDR, ESCAP Survey and World Investment Report and to introduce initiatives by UN agencies in the country.

• Organize and participate in TV/Radio programmes on UN-related matters

• Answers queries/responds to criticisms by media and other interested parties

• Publishes a quarterly newsletter in the two local languages: Sinhala and Tamil which covers current UN action, both global and local.

• Organizes sensitization tours by media personnel to projects assisted by UN agencies.